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Order a New Detail Plate

Use this form to order a new detail plate for a traveling award that you purchased from us previously. If you have any questions, please e-mail us with your awards needs.

Gold Brass 7/8 x 2.5 (part number TTCDP)
Black Brass 1 x 2.5 (part number GSDP)
Gold Aluminum 1 x 2.5 (part number SUPDP)

Please make sure you select the correct plate to match the other plates on your award. TTCDP plates are gold and engrave gold (used on most traveling trophies), GSDP plates are black and engrave gold (used on Perpetual Plaques and older Traveling Pyramid trophies), and SUPDP plates are gold and engrave silver (only used on very old Stand-Up Plaques).

Engraving for
Detail Plate:
What is a Detail Plate?

2-3 lines are standard and look best. We recommend no more than 20 characters per line; over 20 and the engraving has to be made smaller to fit; over 25, and the letters have to be disproportionally skinny to make them fit.

Please note: If you are ordering a new plate for a traveling trophy you purchased from us previously, it is your responsibility to make sure that all spelling is correct and that the text is laid out as you would like. We will use your previous order as a template to make sure that the same font and lettering size is used, but we cannot re-structure your submitted engraving info to make sure that, for example, the team name and team owner are in the same order as your previous plates.

Please fill out this form once for each plate you would like to order, and submit your payment after all items you wish to order are in your cart.

Indicate the quantity of screws you need (if any):
Previous Order Number:
Order number will be 6 numbers and two letters; for example, 513456AB
If you have not ordered from us before, we MUST have a previous order number or the name of someone who has ordered plates for this trophy before. For customers that have ordered plates for this trophy previously, a previous order number is not required, but it will help speed up the processing of your order if you can provide it.
Comments/Special Instructions:
Please do not enter your engraving information in the Comments field; enter your engraving information in the "Engraving for Detail Plate" area above.


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