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Fantasy Football Awards

Traveling NFL Fantasty Football Trophy

The ONLY fantasy football trophy licensed by the NFL!

View of the top of the NFL fantasy football figure

Detail plates featuring your year-by-year champions attach with screws onto a template on the sides of the base.

  Award Description:

Our Traveling NFL Fantasy Football Trophy features the ONLY fantasy football trophy figure licensed by the NFL on top of a large octagon base made of genuine walnut.

The title plate on the front is black brass, which is black with gold lettering, and will feature your league's name. Each of the other seven sides includes a template for mounting 3 detail plates, meaning this award is designed to last 21 years. You may order the award with no engraved detail plates, or with as many engraved detail plates as necessary for each year your league has been in existance. You may wish to leave slots for future champions left empty, or you may have the entire award finished out with enough blank detail plates to be fully covered. Totally your choice!

Figure is shipped unmounted to avoid breakage in shipment - minor assembly required.

Figure bolts onto base - no glue, no mess!

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Award Details:
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NFL Fantasy Football Travling Trophy

Traveling NFL Fantasy Football Trophy (up to 21 Detail Plates)
Base Price$279.95
Approximate Height23 inches
Title Plates1
Can Title Plate Feature a Logo?optional
Detail Plates21

New Detail Plate for One of These Models Ordered Previously

Engraved Gold Brass Detail Plate
Base Price$7.50
Approximate Height7/8 inches x 2.5 inches
Title Plates0
Can Title Plate Feature a Logo?no
Detail Plates1


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