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Mini-Helmet with Red Lettering

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Mini-Helmet with Lettering on back


Award Description:

Our Mini Football Helmets feature your league initials! Helmet is white, and is an excellent small-scale replica of an actual helmet (size 3 5/8!) - complete with padding and chin strap!

Designed to feature your league on both sides of the helmet. You may choose to have your champion's team name and a 2-digit year featured on the back of the helmet.

To our customers that had purchased the previous model of this mini-helmet, we apologize for the change. The older model is no longer available. We hope that this new, more modern look will more than make up for the change.

Click on any of the images for a closer view.

Award Details:

Award Details

Mini Football Helmet
Base Price$34.95
Approximate Height5 inches
Title Plates0
Can Title Plate Feature a Logo?no
Detail Plates0


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