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Budget Perpetual Plaques


This plaque is currently available with slots for up to 18 detail plates.

You may choose to have the title plate engraved with text only, or you may wish to select one of the several Fantasy Football title plate layouts we have available for this award!

Rather than our logos, your custom logo can be imprinted in black or in full color on the title plate. Please check out the Submitting Artwork page for details!

Detail plates are attached with standard phillips head screws, making it easy to remove a blank plate to have your next champ's info engraved! See our FAQ for information regarding having future detail plates engraved.

  Award Description:

Showcase your past winners on one of our Budget Perpetual Plaques! Our Budget Perpetual Plaques feature your champions' information engraved upon bright gold brass plates, attached with brass screws, onto a cherry finish plaque board that measures 10.5 x 13 inches. The title plate is black brass, which engraves gold, matted onto a gold plate.

Order only as many plates as you initially need, and add additional plates as new champions are crowned.

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Award Details:

Perpetual Plaque with up to 18 Detail Plates

Budget Perpetual Plaque, Slots for 18 Plates
Base Price$49.95
Approximate Height10.5x13 inches
Title Plates1
Can Title Plate Feature a Logo?yes
Detail Plates18

New Detail Plate for One of These Models Ordered Previously

Engraved Gold Brass Detail Plate
Base Price$7.50
Approximate Height7/8 inches x 2.5 inches
Title Plates0
Can Title Plate Feature a Logo?no
Detail Plates1


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