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Fantasy Football Awards

Large Gold Pinnacle Trophy



Award Description:

Our Large Gold Pinnacle Football Trophy features a figure similar to the championship trophy for a well-known professional football league (except gold instead of silver), on a wooden base. The detail plate is black brass, with a gold border, and engraves gold.

While most of us will never experience winning the real trophy, the resin figure on top of our Pinnacle Trophies makes this award as close as we will ever get! An excellent choice to give your league champion.

Please note: This award was not designed to be a perpetual award. Besides featuring a smaller figure on top, the base on this award is too small to mount detail plates on the sides. If you are looking for a perpetual award where you can mount detail plates on the sides, please see our Traveling Gold Pinnacle Trophy.

Click on image for a closer view.

Award Details:

Award Details

Large Gold Pinnacle Football Trophy
Base Price$59.95
Approximate Height14 inches
Title Plates1
Can Title Plate Feature a Logo?optional
Detail Plates0


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