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Pulp Fiction Inspired Items

Pulp Fiction is one of our favorite movies, and these items were inspired by this scene.

BMF Wallet - $29.95


BMF Wallet

BMF Wallet (opened)

Prefilled with $1500 in movie prop money!



Made of faux leather (which engraves better than actual leather) with a rawhide look/feel, our BMF Wallet is inspired by the wallet used by Jules in Pulp Fiction. One of our favorite scenes in Pulp Fiction was where Jules decides to change his life, tells Pumpkin/Ringo to find his wallet, and take the $1500 inside of it. All the while, Honeybun can't decide whether to point her gun at Jules or Vincent. (Ever notice that all of Tarantino's movies include a Mexican standoff?)

This is a bifold wallet, with slots for up to 6 cards.

For a limited time, we will include $1500 with this wallet, just like in the movie! (Also just like in the film, the money will be movie prop money!)

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BMF Keychain - $19.95


BMF Keychain


Made of the same faux leather as our BMF Wallet, our BMF Keychain includes the same inscription as the wallet used by Jules in Pulp Fiction.

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