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Questions You Should Ask
When Shopping for Awards

  Shopping for an award is different than shopping for commodity items like books or CD's. Whether you are shopping for an award for your fantasy sports league, for youth awards, or for a corporate incentive, there are certain questions you should be asking of your potential awards retailer to make sure you receive the most value for your dollar. Below are our answers to these key questions - we think you will agree that Affordable Trophies is the place to shop for awards!

Does the awards retailer buy back old trophies?

If the awards retailer buys back old trophies, that means that when you buy a trophy from them, you are not necessarily getting a new award. They don't buy them back to be nice - they are reselling them! At Affordable Trophies, we do not buy back old trophies. Every award we sell is guaranteed to be made of all new components. If you do not care how the recipient will feel about the award and you'd rather get a cheap trophy, then get one from a retailer that "recycles". Our customers want their recipients to cherish their awards, and they want the awards they present to reflect the quality of their organizations.

Is the awards retailer a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Being a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a highly trusted indicator of reliability for a merchant. If there is a problem with an order with a BBB member, the customer can ask the Better Business Bureau to step in and arbitrate to ensure that a fair settlement is reached. Anybody can say that satisfaction is guaranteed, but the BBB is there to make sure it happens. If the awards dealer is not a member of the BBB, ask why not, and ask how you can be assured that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Affordable Trophies is the only awards retailer in the Southwest Missouri area that is a member of the BBB! We think that speaks volumes about how much we care about making sure that each and every customer is happy with his or her order.

Does the awards retailer save engraving information from past orders?

Saving past engraving information is the only way to be able to be sure that future engraving can be done to match. This is important if you are providing the same award on a regular basis, or if you have a traveling award and want all of the detail plates to match. At Affordable Trophies, we save all engraving information for every order. We guarantee that we can engrave your new award or plate in the same font/style as your previous order. Unlike many places that save engraving information, we do not charge for this service.

Are there any limits to the changes I can make to what the awards retailer shows on the title plate?

There are many awards providers that only provide stock mylars (stickers) or only engrave stock images/text on the title plates of their awards. At Affordable Trophies, we are proud to be able to customize our title plates with your text and/or artwork! However, not all logos are good candidates for engraving (in particular, logos with many colors and/or shading). We have acquired special equipment that will allow us to imprint the logo (in full color, if you choose) on the title plate if it will not engrave well. It is your award, why shouldn't you be able to customize it with your text and/or artwork?

How does the awards retailer ship awards?

At Affordable Trophies, we ship virtually all orders via UPS so that they are insured and trackable. We typically send detail plates for traveling awards and some small, inexpensive awards via US Mail - but everything else goes out via UPS. There is never a surprise ... We will tell you up front how the item will be shipped, and we charge accordingly.

How much will it cost to have a new plate engraved for a traveling award?

Some awards retailers sell traveling awards with no intention of performing any follow-up engraving. Others charge an excessive amount to engrave a small plate. Still others mount a single large plate and charge a large amount to add a new name to it, or an even larger amount to engrave the entire plate over again to add a new name. At Affordable Trophies, we take the common sense approach to traveling awards. We mount a large number of small detail plates, and we save the engraving for past plates so that we can guarantee that any new plates that we engrave will be in the exact same style/format. The typical price for this service is about $6 (depending on engraving needs) - which includes the cost of mailing the new plate to you! We use a very standard engraving font for detail plates, so if you are lucky enough to have a local trophy shop that will engrave the detail plates for you, you should be able to have them engrave your new plates as well. We want to give you as many options as possible, and not pin you down to limited choices on how to have your follow-up engraving done.

Does the awards retailer provide tracking information for your order?

It is very frustrating when you order something off the web and it remains a mystery as to where the order stands until it just magically shows up one day. At Affordable Trophies, you can look up the status of your order from the time you request a quote until it is delivered! The moment an order ships, we make sure that you receive an email notification which will include the expected delivery date. We hook our order status system to the UPS system so that you can look up your order on our site and see exactly where the order is if it has shipped. You never have to wonder where your order is - just look it up on our web site!

Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information!


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