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Artwork Informatin - Submitting Artwork

You may email your artwork as an attachment, and we'll be happy to analyze it at no charge.

We have the capabilities to imprint your custom logo in full color, black and white, or grayscale, onto a trophy's title plate. Such imprinting will be performed onto a gold plate. We can accept jpg or gif files for imprinting, but note that these types of images are compressed - files in tiff or any other non-compressed format work better. Vector files work best, as they can be resized with no loss in quality. Obviously, the higher quality image we have to work with, the better the quality will be of the finished product. Please ensure that when printed, your artwork will be large enough to be a good fit on the item you would like it imprinted upon.

Engraving and imprinting charges are non-refundable. We cannot reproduce licensed artwork that you do not own; please do not ask us to do so. We reserve the right to reject artwork for any reason; if that happens, we will give you the option of providing alternative artwork or a refund.

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