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Tips to Save Time and Money

  We have accumulated these tips to give you some insight on how you can save time and money when placing your order.

Order early. Allow plenty of time from when you pay for your order for UPS ground shipment (allow at least a week, and if you wish to be conservative, allow for two). Don't wait until the last minute, because overnight shipping (and even second day) is very expensive!

Order during non-peak times. We are extremely busy just before and just after the NFL season (August, December, and January are peak times for us). Your order is very likely to be processed quicker and we have our best pricing during non-peak times.

Check all engraving for accuracy at the time of initial request. Be sure to check the text very carefully, including things like punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. Do NOT assume that we will make corrections for you! Many leagues have names and team names that are intentionally misspelt, so we do not correct spelling. We import your text directly from the invoice, so the way it looks on the invoice is the way it will be engraved (other than centering, which we will perform unless told not to).

Provide a correct email address and make sure that your SPAM filter will allow our messages to come through. We cannot send you a link to your quote if you give us an incorrect email address. If your SPAM filter blocks our messages, you will not receive your message with the link.

Make sure your shipping address is correct before issuing payment. If you give us an incorrect shipping address, your order will be delayed as UPS tracks down where the order is to be delivered. If you are a repeat customer, be sure to check that the address we have on your invoice is still correct.

If shipping to a third party, be sure they know to expect the package from us. UPS will not re-ship for free, so even though it might be a nice surprise to send your winner his trophy without telling him, it will cost double shipping if he rejects the shipment because he didn't order it and you have to have it shipped again.

Use the same email address as used on your quote request if you are submitting a custom logo. Using the same email address will allow us to tie the logo to the quote request.

Reference your quote or invoice number on any questions. It will help us answer your questions quicker if you can put the quote or invoice number in the subject of your email message.

Reference your previous order number if ordering similar items. It will help expedite our creating your quote/invoice if you are ordering the same item(s) as in a previous order and you are able to give us the order number.

Write your invoice number on the bottom of your traveling award. We have found that a number of leagues make the winner responsible for ordering his detail plate; when he asks for a quote for a new plate for the award, he has to be able to tell us who originally placed the order to help us find the order in our system. Often he does not know, or gives us an incorrect name (for example, Joe Smith, when the order was placed under the name Joseph Smith). If you can give us the order number, that is the quickest way for us to find the previous information for the order. So, if you were to write that number on the bottom of the award, whoever places the order for the new plate will always be able to tell us what we need to know to ensure that the engraving of the new plate is done in the same format as the other plates on the award.

Use our web site to request quotes or place orders. We cannot accept an order over the phone, as we have to have all specifications in writing. Do not send the details for the awards you want in an email message. Use the Quote Request form for each award you would like to order. It may seem slower to submit your requests this way rather than phoning or emailing, but we will be able to process your request much quicker.

Use the Adjust Quote and Adjust Invoice forms to make changes to your order. If you send us an email message, we'll have to look things up to try to tie your message to the quote or invoice you are changing. Do not submit a new quote request if you just need a change - we can adjust your quote directly from an Adjust Quote form much quicker than we can from your sending a new quote request. Do not attempt to call in changes - we need all changes in writing, so please use the Adjust Quote and Adjust Invoice forms for any changes.

Limit the amount of engraving. Only have the important details engraved. The more that is engraved, the smaller it has to be in order to fit, and the more it costs. See our FAQ page for more information.

If ordering multiple items, order them all at the same time. You can save money on shipping if all items are shipped together. It will be much quicker to build and ship all items at once rather than one at a time.

Do not send credit card information via email. Email is not secure - it is similar to sending information on a post card. To protect your credit card information, use the link on your invoice to submit your payment over the Internet.

Include all engraving information on your initial request. We need all engraving information to provide an accurate quote or invoice, so be sure you give it all to us. Be sure to give it in detail, and do not put something like, "four more plates similar to this one." If you are ordering multiple awards and all are the same except for the name, enter your information like this:

First Place

List of names:
John Smith
Joe Blow
John Q. Public


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