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Assembly of Large Trophies

It is not difficult at all to put together any of our awards that state "some minor assembly required". When you get down to it, it is really just a matter of attaching a nut. Here we will show you the tool that you will need and detail the steps.

Tool You Will Need

The tool you will need is a long nut driver, with a 7/16" socket. Alternately, you could use a regular socket with an extender. The key is that the socket has to be 7/16" (the right size to use with a quarter-inch nut), and it has to be long enough to reach through the height of the base of your trophy.

Remove the Nut

Using your hand, remove the nut at the bottom of the figure that is to be attached to the large wooden base.

Place Figure on Base

Place the figure on the wooden base, inserting the rod on the bottom of the figure through the small hole in the top of the base.

Attach the Nut

Use your tool (nut driver or socket) to reach through the bottom of the base and attach the nut to the rod from the figure. Only tighten the nut enough for a firm hold - do not over tighten.

There, wasn't that easy?!?

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